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SaaS, Agencies & other B2B businesses. We will land you an additional 5-10+ Qualified sales meeting each month with your ideal clients.
Forget about the costs & time it takes to get an SDR up & running. We operate on a performance based model, if a prospect doesn't show up to the meeting. You don't pay.

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How it works

Our Step by step breakdown of our Lead Generation process

1. Business Understanding

We want to understand your business perfectly inside & out. Ideal client profiles, areas of interest and any past lead information is very important to us. If you're looking to maintain a 15% growth rate or close massive B2B deals we are here to help.

2. Extensive Lead Research

Following prospect list building, we extensively research every single lead. Using monitoring tools and human brain power we work to identify a buying signal within each lead. Due diligence then occurs to confirm all lead information is 100% accurate & valid.

3. Personalized Email/Phone/LinkedIn Outreach

We use the information gathered from our teams research to customize our personalized channels of outreach. Personalized outreach is proven to ensure the highest response and conversion rates.

4. Follow Up

We always follow up to leads that do not respond within a weeks timeframe. Our software keeps track of every email to notify us if one has been opened. Your potential clients are usually busy and that is why following up with a personalized message is extremely effective.

5. Qualified Warm Leads

Other Lead Generation services send you a list of emails that they never even contacted in the first place. We engage a conversation with every lead that we provide. Once a customer replies and shows interest in your product/service this is when we forward you that lead. We want them ready to buy so that way you're only contact with that lead is closing the deal.

6. Unlimited Support

We respond to all of our clients within 12 hours and become even more flexible when it comes to custom targeting and lead filtering. If it is during normal business hours you can expect a very prompt & timely response rate. Communication is the most important key in a long term partnership.

We'll Take You There

Secure More Clients. Grow More Revenue.

Our innovative appointment scheduling system allows you to stay focused on what you do best: Closing Deals. We handle all of the outreach from here. Leadzest delivers qualified sales opportunities to help you grow your numbers fast.
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Stop Wasting Time with Manual Prospecting

Prospecting does Not have to be a

An average sales process requires 8+ cold calls to reach a prospect and 20+ hours a week just to build a lead list. This is where we come into play. Eliminate 50% of time consuming manual prospecting. We make sure that you spend less time searching and more time closing!

Multiplatform Outreach

We find leads you didn't know existed. Utilizing the most trusted business databases, LeadZest gathers Contact, Business and Social Data. This is used with our innovative outreach strategies that provide YOU with qualified leads. Our Multichannel approach integrated with our exclusive software platform is what gives us the upper hand. We do the in-depth research to grow your pipeline. Let LeadZest handle the top-of-funnel and enable your closers to close more deals.
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Industry Dominant Features

Check out a few of our features and services that we offer enabling you to increase revenue with ease!

Get an Edge on Your Competition

In todays era, technology is constantly advancing and you either adapt or get left behind.
"Failure to generate a steady stream of qualified leads is the #1 reason small businesses struggle to scale higher. Outsourcing your B2B leads to us gives you an unfair advantage by minimizing time spend on prospecting and allowing your sales team to excel in what they do best, converting leads into sales

Tom Clarke

President, LeadZest

"With Myrage we've seen amazing results in less than 1 month, our revenue became so high that I’m thinking an exit strategy.”

Mike Willgo

Business Partner

"What can I say? This template makes me want to work with my team and finally focusing on building great products."

George Bellafonte

Senior User Acquisition Manager

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